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10 Quality Metrics

24,025 Questions

~2,800 Patients

                  ...1 Solution


ACO Health Solutions has developed an innovative platform for the GPRO Audit that supports MSSPs, Pioneer ACOs, and physician groups participating in the PQRS incentives.  Our unique solution helps manage the entire GPRO Audit process from start to finish! 


How we will help you manage your CMS WI/GPRO audit!


  • ACO Health Solutions collects your sample set of beneficiaries from CMS

  • We then populate personalized online audit forms for your participating practices

  • The personalized audit forms are then organized and made available through our secure web portal by practice and physician

  • The web portal will guide your team through the audit by supplying information that will help your auditors answer questions more accurately 

  • Track your progress while your practices perform the audit  

  • Once the audit is complete, ACO Health Solutions submits the audit data to CMS

  • ACO Health Solutions works with your ACO to run reports through our system from the data you collected during your audit



"David Martin was very instrumental in our successful completion of the GPRO process this past year. He created our data collection process that combined the beneficiary, practice they are associated with, and the specific questions related to them onto a single document, which allowed us to verify the patient and collect the required information efficiently at each practice.  He also built an interface that allowed us to easily input the data collected from over 45 offices, and he converted that information into the format required by CMS for submission.  Without his technical support during this process, our ACO would have had a very difficult time successfully completing last year's GRPO. " 

~Dave McNamaraGrowth Officer, Clinical Integration 

                                Baptist Health System

Why ACO Health Solutions for your GPRO Audit?

  1. Increases accuracy- The solution we have created keeps in mind that human error is a reality.  We have included specific validation features to help avoid inaccuracies.  

  2. Our system supports unlimited users- Your ACO can have as many user logins as needed.  Different authoriztion levels are determined by your ACO administration.  Anyone from administrators to doctors, nurses and staff can gain approved access through your management group. 

  3. We track progress by practice- At any given time you can determine the progress by practice.  Each patient will have a status indicator based on the progress in the process.  A performance report can be generated on the ACO level, practice level, physician level and patient level.  

  4. Cost effective solution- Our platform saves your group time and money by organizing the process through our web portal and eliminating paper. 

  5. Optimized for performance-  ACO Health Solutions consulted with end users to design the most efficient and effective tool to perform the GPRO audit. Prepopulated patient data will display on our user friendly web portal, and will seamlessly guide the auditor through the process.   

  6. Green solution- The system is 100% based online. There is no need to print multiple pieces of paper. 

Roughly 40% of ACOs were unable to complete the GPRO audit last year.  With our  solution, the GPRO audit does not have to be difficult. There is no reason your group should miss out on the major savings that can be incurred by completing the audit. See below for a snapshot of our unique system! 

**Track your team’s progress through our easy to view dashboards

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