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Bundled Payments




ACO Health Solutions has a bundled payment solution that provides the following value:


  • Transform the 19 data files (received monthly) into the specified CMS episodes of care based on your model and post acute care length

  • Track expenses by all components of care

  • Create physician and post acute care provider report cards

  • Track the episode initiating professional (EIP) cap for each of your bundles

  • Track and compare your per episode costs to your benchmarks

  • Track and Calculate participating provider incentives


Our solution will eliminate the technical challenges of the BPCI program, allowing your organization to focus on developing protocols, care redesign, and increasing volume.


We have been working with the BPCI program from its inception and have worked closely with several BPCI awardees to develop a highly effective low cost solution that can benefit your program regardless of which model or post acute care length your organization has chosen.

We provide the necessary reporting for your bundled payment programs which will give your organization and participating providers the ability to track and reconcile bundled services.  Our service interfaces with the Medicare data provided by the CMS Innovation Center and organizes that data into understandable episodes with variable and configurable post discharge periods.  The results are organized by your specific DRGs, health care components, and provider.  This information is available online for review using our portal, The Pulse.


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