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ACO Tool Box

ACO Health Solutions has built a set of tools that allows an ACO to effectively manage their patient population, enhance ACO performance and improve clinical outcomes.  The tools developed are the foundation for building a successful ACO.

An ACO must understand and continuously manage their patient attribution in order to receive claims data from CMS. Then the ACO must collect and store this data to manipulate it into useable reports to measure quality and performance.  


ACO Health Solutions has three distinct service offerings;

  • Beneficiary Attribution Management

    • PCP Mapping​

    • POD/IPA Custom Org. Structure

    • Claims Experience Explorer

    • Annual Wellness Visit

    • Phone, Email & Address Discovery

  • Data Management

    • Data Analytics

    • Physician Scorecards

    • Preferred Network Module

  • Quality and Performance Management

    • CMS WI/GPRO Reporting Solution

    • MIPS reporting

    • Quality Audit Solution

    • Quality Registry

    • Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) module

    • Chronic Care Management module 


An ACO must take all of these functions into account to provide the best possible service to their patients. At ACO Health Solutions, we believe you should have options to help manage your ACO.  Although we offer all of the services listed above (and many more within each category), we can create a custom program to fit your ACO’s needs.  Please contact us with any questions you may have!

ACO Health Solutions

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