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In today’s world of health care reform, it is necessary to remove yourself from the familiar spaces you have come to know all too well, and explore new and improved delivery methods of patient care.  Accountable Care Organizations have been created in order to do just this.  By bringing hospitals, physicians and other health care providers together, patients are receiving higher quality care. With rapid changes occurring, ACOs are not fully prepared for the task of running their ACO smoothly.  Many Accountable Care Organizations have found that the main obstacle in creating and running a successful ACO is the ongoing administrative burden.


The team at ACO Health has worked to create the most complete and affordable information technology solutions available for Accountable Care Organizations today.  Our solutions are designed to support the various payment models:

  • Advance Alternative Payment Model (APM)

  • Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

  • Bundled-Payment model

  • Commercial Payer Contracts


We have created an ACO Patient Registry that collects, stores, organizes, and reports on attributed patient data in order to deliver the ACO and its providers with valuable information. ​​​ We have created a collection of reports to help track utilization and expenses at both the ACO and provider level. The reports can be used to help identify specific problem areas and allow the ACO time to make appropriate changes, ultimately providing better care for patients and mitigating financial risk. As an added feature, ACO Health Solution is able to deliver reporting for bundled payment programs, which will give the organization and participating providers the ability to track and reconcile bundled services.  This information is available online for review using our portal, The Pulse.


ACO Health reporting was designed with the end user in mind. Data is presented in a format that is easy to understand and permits the ACO MSSP to gain clinical, operational and financial insight. This allows the ACO to focus on delivering accurate and useful information to the physicians to enhance patient care and outcomes.​​​

ACO Health Solutions is an innovative health care data management company that was created in response to new challenges associated with initiatives resulting from the 2010 Accountable Care Act.  


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